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Rottapharm | Madaus
is now part of Meda AB

Code of Ethics

Rottapharm S.p.A., an Italian company, is the parent company of a pharmaceuticals multinational group, which operates worldwide through its subsidiaries and affiliates. The Rottapharm Group is a multiracial, multicultural and multilingual group reflecting the different industrial and social characteristics of the numerous countries where it operates. Rottapharm realises that the operation and efficiency of an organisation depends to a large extent on the people who work there. In order to achieve its corporate purposes and its objectives, the Company requires capable employees who not only are particularly aware of the interests of Rottapharm, but also duly understand the interests of the other parties and groups with which it interacts, inside and outside the organisation.

The objectives of Rottapharm are:

In pursuing these objectives, Rottapharm is guided by principles of non-discrimination and respect for human rights and individual liberty. Basing its activities on these fundamental principles and compliance with laws, regulations, customs and practices in the countries where it operates, Rottapharm has adopted the following policies:





Financial and business practices

Rottapharm believes that strict compliance with the principles and rules of the Code of Ethics is absolutely essential in protecting the interests and rights of its customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders, also simultaneously respecting the interests of society as a whole, such as protection of human rights and protection of the environment.
No code of conduct, however detailed, can contain all the rules which must be satisfied in performance of a company's activities. The purpose of this document is therefore providing a guide to our basic values and principles, without claiming to offer a complete view of all the company rules and policies adopted by Rottapharm.
Rottapharm refuses to use any business model which fails to satisfy the principles and rules contained in this Code of Ethics, and remains firm in its belief that compliance with said principles is essential to its long-term success”.

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