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Rottapharm|Madaus' Production plant : Dublin

The production of pharmaceuticals takes place in the Irish plants situated outside Dublin.
Inaugurated in 1999, the plant obtained authorization to produce pharmaceutical specialties of the Irish Medicines Board in January of the following year. That same year, it obtained the ISO 9002 certification for the production of medical devices.

In 2005, the plant obtained the prestigious acknowledgment The Excellence Through People (ETP), an initiative promoted by the Government to identify and award high standards in the management of human resources inside companies. In 2008, the plant obtained the ETP Gold Standard and, in 2011, two Awards for maintenance excellence at the MEETA.

In 2007, it received the Best Practice in Health & Safety, promoted by the National Industrial Safety Organization.

In 2011, the plant received two new accolades at the MEETA (Maintenance and Asset Management Awards): it received an award in the Maintenance Management, category for the Paperless Maintenance project and the Certificate of Excellence for the TPM (Total Productive Maintenance) project. The Paperless project, on stream since 2010, is part of a much broader project intended to eliminate hard-copy media in all plant activities including the issue of GMP of batches.

Currently, the Rottapharm|Madaus plant in Ireland employs approximately 150 people; of which, around sixty work in production. Production has increased with time, reaching 200 million pills currently produced (up from the original 60 million) and 200 million sachets.

The energy efficiency projects

The energy efficiency projects were undertaken by Rottapharm Ireland in 2008.
A cross functional group was established within the company to focus on measures that would lead to reductions in energy usage within the plant.
The target: a 35% reduction in the energy required to produce a unit of product. The outstanding projects has been completed by the third quarter of 2010.


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