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Rottapharm | Madaus
is now part of Meda AB

Sustainability in R | M

Developing pharmaceutical products to treat and prevent the most widespread of pathologies to ensure people better quality of life thanks to focused and continuous activities in research: this has always been the Group’s mission. Rottapharm|Madaus boasts a long tradition of scientific research, a goal that is pursued with perseverance and attention, investing in human resources and innovation in an ethical and responsible way. For the company to be successful it is therefore important that it is able to produce a benefit for its stakeholders, both within the company and without. Patients, doctors and pharmacists, institutions, associations and local communities, employees, suppliers and distributors: all of them must be able to recognize themselves in the values of ethicality and sustainability that Rottapharm|Madaus makes its own, more so each day. Rottapharm|Madaus is committed to operate in a sustainable way in each of the major impact areas of its activity: